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Full and complete map of the project.

The Railway Project was a project during World 16 linking the cities of Allimore by a subway system deep underground. This project is, in the most part, constructed and coordinated by AL-RAIL International, owned by SimplyDan.

History Edit


First version of the map.

The idea of a railroad connecting the cities had always been explored by the residents of Allimore, it wasn't until World 16 things finally started getting going. Dan started to lead the project with Red co-leading. The first station was constructed in Volair and was a major hub, with lines going in every direction.

Lines Edit

Sunflower (Red) Edit

This line connected the south-central part of the world through Volair with Firestone and Sunflower. It first went to Renn (Switch-Sunflower) where it transfered into the West Line (Yellow).

Imperial (Blue) Edit

The blue line connected the central towns like Lignum, Praesidium and Sanctum with the rest of the world and went above Lake Viex, with the RoA-GsE Friendship Bridge, it also had a line going to Sunflower.

East (Teal) Edit

The teal line went all the way east to Simplicity and Blackstone.

South (Green) Edit

The first line constructed and fully finished, the green line went south to Masonbridge and had a Switch-Point (Switch-South) leading to Anithiton and Fort Ender.

Sea (Magenta) Edit

The magenta line connected New Aylesbury, Switch-West and JDJ Island (the one going to JDJ being TAXed).

West (Yellow) Edit

The yellow line connected the south-western townsm going from Switch-Sunflower to Station "Fort", Switch-West and Moncala.

Tunnels Edit

2018-11-01 16.54.21

3x3 renovated tunnel, South Line

2019-02-16 20.20.51

5x4 renovated tunnel, JDJ Island

The tunnels were constructed by Dan, Red, Air and KyhleX and most were 3x3. Simple in nature, they got the job done and allowed room for a one way rail and walking room on each side. Powered rails made up the transportation.

The tunnels in different cities might have had a different design than the standard one (like in Anithiton), which was lined with stonebrick and slabs and were well lit once near a switchpoint or town but otherwise were quite bare.

A new type of tunnel also was invented: the 5x4 tunnel, which allowed for more pedestrian room, better lighting and organisation. Currently this type of tunnel can only be found on the Switch-West - JDJ Island line and the Switch-Imperial - Switch-Mystic line.

Trivia Edit

  • The idea of a subway system came very close to fruition back on World 7 but instead featured a monorail system above ground to link all the cities.
  • The Stone-Brick pillars at the side of the decorated tunnels are placed every uneven 10th block (this means they are 20 blocks apart).
  • Every powered rail is placed after 7 simple rails.