2016-08-13 13.13.50

Buttons can be seen on the street and the walls of the stable

Atlas Print 8/13/16

Reporter 202

2016-08-13 13.14.02

Residential houses hit by the "Plague"

2016-08-13 13.14.09

The affected Community Building

After logging on this morning, a resident of Cirrane came to find wooden buttons on the sides of their home and the surrounding buildings. Colton, another resident of Cirrane, has accused resident Sirr of the deed.

But a witness has testified against Colton that they were present when their own home was defaced with buttons while the witness and Colton were the only ones at the scene. If what the witness says is true, resident Colton is facing charges of framing and vandalism of both public and private property.

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