Current Members Edit

redrabbit348 - Owner, Former President of RoA, Current De Facto leader of Atlas and owner of Allimore 2.0

OffTheAir - Co-owner, Head Admin, Admin, Veteran Player, VP of RoA,, also MVP.

Dazykirk - Admin, Veteran Player, Farmer, Derpcake

failselective - Moderator, Monkey Slave, Veteran Player, Canadian, Streamer

hacher5 - Admin, Veteran Player. Founded PAK and the original Council system.

Aperture_Pro - Admin, Veteran Player, PvP Master, Turtle, Video Editor for the RoA YT Channel

Marcopolo573 - Moderator, Veteran Player, Wookie

MTD3454 - Previous President of RoA, Veteran Player, Admin of Discord Chat

algbbg - Owner of Andromeda Server, Previous Admin, Veteran Player, Engineer

Genclone/TodAtsu - Current Admin of Allimore 2.0, Owner of Allimore Modded, Fluffy Fox, Veteran Player

Sirrockyqo - Veteran Player and OG, Explorer, Cyborg Pig

TehAlphaGamer - Veteran Player, Farmer

Colton_M - Veteran Player and OG, Mormon Spawn, Satanic

Doc_Awes - Veteran Player, Hobbit

Frank4453 - Veteran Player

pete202 - Veteran Player, Locally Grown Potato, Assistant Road Builder, Farmer/Engineer

KyhleX - Veteran Player, the unrecognized genius and master builder of outstanding classical structures

Goldgalore- Veteran Player and OG

SrSuccesso - Veteran Player, Wookie

xobrandyxo - Veteran Player

Barilisk - Player

Musixiem - Player, King of Viex

Quandrant - Player; Primarily on Discord

Jaggboii18 - Player; Joined Allimore 2.0. Known for his grinding and AFK work within Volair

Jestroyer (Jack) - Player; Joined Allimore 2.0. - CEO of J&J Inc.

SimplyDan (Dan) - Player; Joined Allimore 2.0. Known for the Allimore Railway.

Spencier1 - Emperor of the Grand Spencorian Empire and veteran player.

Former Members (Gone but Always Remembered) Edit

*Please list anyone that you know is missing! Edit

TammyLikesToas- Founder of Guardian-craft with Red

Ment4lAsylum - Former President of RoA, Mod, Veteran Player. Curtisville dedicated in his honor.

Dragonixi64 - Veteran Player

Pavame - Admin, Player

Ranginggod - Co-Owner of Atlas, Veteran Player, Skillful Builder

JesseJessy97 - Moderator, Veteran Player

Aesthetic_Crystal (Holly) - Known for activity in the Skype Chat; created Oism (by saying "o")

ike709 - The Slave Trader

Ͻɐlzo‾ᄅᔭ - Ԁlɐʎǝɹ' Sdǝɐʞǝɹ Oɟ ⊥ɹooɟ' Hıpǝ u, Sǝǝʞ Wɐsʇǝɹ

OllyWard (Wardy) - Previous Admin

doogy300 (Adam) - Previous Admin and Redstone Engineer, Built Subterra

AndyHaruki - Former Moderator

jkilla - Former Admin and somewhat of a founder

Rextoret - Former Player, Built the tallest structure in Atlas' history

Leroygecko (Simon) - Former Player; One of the original Atlas members

NoAnJe - Veteran Player, Former Moderator

Kv321rblx - Former Player, 'YouTuber'

FuzzyuzzuF - Previous Moderator and Engineer; Originally from GsE