redrabbit348, now known as "redrabbit8" or simply- "red" is the owner of Allimore, leader of the Republic of Atlas and one of the founders of the clan.

Early minecraft Edit

Red got minecraft in the fall of 2011 after playing a mobile, 2D version of the game that was briefly popular on the app store. He created his first world and was amazed at the freedom. It took about a month for him to discover multiplayer and when he did he was amazed by various servers he played on.

Dynasty Clan Edit

After server hopping for a short while, red wanted to meet other minecraft players so he took to the minecraft forums and in in the winter of 2011 he found a small clan called Dynasty. They were based on a server they owned and featured a basic structure that red would later go on to emulate in the Republic. It was here he met several friends like failselective, building and mining for the clan.

Eventually the owner of the clan, DJWilsonUK couldn't keep the server going to technical and real life issues so it slowly faded out. Many members gradually left to pursue other projects. Red stayed on the server for months until it became clear he needed to find something else to do.

The Fallout RP (Sins of Our Fathers) Edit

After Dynasty and into the summer of 2012, red discovered the best thing to ever happen to him- RP servers. In particular, a Fallout RP server called The Sins of Our Fathers. This was his first ever experience in RP and it took a long time for him to get accepted because good lord he was cringy back then.

After being accepted he had the time of his life, the concept of playing in a brand new fallout world, where you could build was so foreign and fun that he played for months. Many friends were made during those days and he eventually purchased his own trading business and created a small caravan.

Eventually, Red moved on and the server had to be shut down due to inactivity. This summer was easily one of the best of Red's life and the experience can never be recreated again.

The limbo Edit

After The Sins of Our Fathers adventure, red was ready to get back to normal minecraft. After server hopping with his IRL friend he got his first staff job as a builder on a small time pvp server. During his time as a builder he learned world edit and vastly improved his minecraft knowledge. The server didn't last for long and before he knew it, Red was looking to buy his own server and make something new.

Guardian Craft Edit

Red's first ever server was called Guardian Craft. He purchased the server in August of 2012 with lawn-mowing money from the summer (and vastly overpaid as well). The name was chosen because so many other servers had the "craft" suffix name and he didn't really know what else to call it. The server didn't really amount to much and was essentially just a pvp server with an established spawn area.

The Lower Level Edit

After growing bordem, Red decided to switch up his idea again. He and his IRL friends decided to make a server with a unique idea- a completely underground world. The server was to be a post-apocalyptic envisioning of classic minecraft. Players would have to scavenge for resources down below and battle dangerous mobs. Unfortunately, the idea was great but the execution wasn't there. At this time red had school to deal with and basketball practice every night, leaving little time to play minecraft. The project was scrapped and time went on.

The Fallout Project Edit

During his brief time as a server owner, he met a player by the name of 410ham or just 'ham'. Ham was a huge Fallout fan and after the two talked about red's time on Sins of Our Fathers, ham wanted some of the action. Red suggested they build their own fallout adventure map, ham loved the idea.

The project started in October, 2012 and lasted for a few months. A good amount of progress was done but just like The Lower Level the execution just wasn't there. The job was two big for the small team they had assembled. Among that team was ranginggod.

The Beginnings of The Republic of Atlas Edit

After the project, red wanted another go at creating his own server- this time he wanted to draw inspiration from his first minecraft venture, Dynasty. With a small team consisting of a few of his IRL friends and the newly recruited ranginggod, he set off to change the server yet again.

This new server would be plain vanilla but with a few plugins mixed in. Red toyed around with the idea of making a "nation" clan, history was his favorite subject in school and he loved studying ancient empires and republics. The name was decided to be "The Republic of Atlas". This name was chosen because Atlas was red's favorite greek god and he definitely didn't want an Empire as they were usually seen as the bad guys. The colors were to be yellow and red, the unofficial colors of red's home town- Ames, Iowa.

This new clan saw great prosperity in the early months. This was back when the 'clan' section of the forums was still active and growing. The member list grew too long and by January, a new thread needed to be created.

Atlas Day Edit

On January 20th, 2013 the official RoA thread was created, thus Atlas Day was coined. Here modern history begins read about the Republic of Atlas' timeline here.

Modern Day Edit

As of Feb, 2019 red continues to lead the clan, with about 90% of the same people still in it. The server now known as Allimore is thriving and there are no plans in the near future to shut it down.


  • Red has owned a server for over 6 years now, not continuously but intermittently.
  • Many of Red's towns and ideas come from modern ideas such as how a town should be laid out, government and naming.
  • In 2016, Red's account was stolen twice, the first time he got it back but as of now, the second hack has left him with a new account: bluebunny459. As of October, 2016, he made a new account under "redrabbit8" and is content with how it sounds. It is unknown if he will ever reclaim his old account.