Agion, Allimore, and Civil War [edit | edit source]

Before creating the Empire, Spencier was originally a citizen of the founding server nation of the Circle of Magi on the Agion server. As his first introduction to what would later be referred to as “Culture Clans,” Spencier grew infatuated with the idea of running a minecraft-based community modeled after real-world politics and cultural groups. 

While the Magi were an attractive prospect for leadership, his position in its society was so low that ascending the political ladder would take more time than he was willing to spend, and thus prevented him from assuming any form of governing power. 

This changed after he discovered the minecraft clans forums page and learned of the vibrant community of nations that supported similar clans and nation-styled communities. After assembling the assurances and interest of several of his close friends, Spencier founded The Grand Spencorian Empire on August 3rd, 2013 and laid its roots in Agion. Several cities followed between the many iterations of the server, all of which remained extremely small and hosted only a handful of loyal Imperials.

Unfortunately, following several months of serverwide problems and inactivity, Agion shut down and forced its community to find other servers. Determined not to let go of the Empire just yet, the Emperor and his citizens looked for a new, more stable server to lay new foundations. 

After a few weeks of searching, the GsE decided to move to the still young server of Allimore. Development was slow in the beginning, but carried on regardless of setbacks and founded the new capital of Amplitudo. The Empire was still experimenting with how it should run its internal divisions during this period, and entrusted the role of Capital Governor to Ghostxtfx141. 

The First Exodus // The Imperial Civil War[edit | edit source]

Despite this appointment, however, Ghostxtfx141 turned from governor to rebel leader, leading a revolution against the Imperial government with the goal of overthrowing the Emperor. Sources indicate that this coup was partly organized following Ghost’s consultation with the leader of the Republic of Atlas, though no definitive proof has since come to light on these assumptions. 

After successfully ousting Emperor Spencier and his loyalists from the capital, Ghost declared the creation of the Republic of Falador and himself as its ruling president. Imperial loyalists fled to the outskirts of the Empire where it still found support among the population. The political and military leaders of the Empire then founded the military settlement of Secretum to organize the recapture of the capital and the reintegration of the Empire’s lost territory.  

After a period of consolidation, appropriation, intelligence gathering, and under-the-table deals, the Empire’s forces launched a successful attack against the rebel occupied Amplitudo. The attack to retake the capital lasted only a handful of minutes due to careful imperial planning and coercing several members of the rebellion to rejoin the Empire. 

After the remaining Faladorians fled the capital, Evanator4225 was made governor of Amplitudo for his valiant efforts against the Faladorians and the city was renamed Evanston in his honor.  

The remaining Faladorians took flight after being ousted from the capital, and reorganized in a more overt location at the opposite side of the Empire some distance from both Secretum and Evanston. Weary of war already and lacking the manpower to fully face each other on the battlefield respectively, both sides reached a standstill in the fight and remained on each other's loosely agreed upon borders. The war technically never stopped, the Republic of Falador was still viewed as a rebellious appendage of the Empire. Both sides licked their wounds and bidded their time, waiting for the most opportune moment to strike. 

The Faladorian Cold War[edit | edit source]

Similar to how the Imperials constructed Secretum, the Faladorians constructed capital city of Falador as their new base of operations and capital. During this time, the Empire began expanding Secretum, expanding it well beyond the breadth of a simple military encampment. Both cities became symbols of their respective sides, with Falador representing the heart of the rebellion and Secretum the epicenter of Spencorian Loyalists. 

Both sides remained at peaceful odds with one another for several weeks. After the first month, most began to assume that the Empire and Falador had grown tired of berating each other over mutual conquest. Hints at peace and mutual recognition of territories even surfaced amongst even the most ardent loyalists to both regimes during this time. Like all things, however, this too did not last. 

The Fallen War[edit | edit source]

While peace between the two sides seemed likely, one final instigation completely changed the diplomatic direction of the conflict. 

The conflict known as the “Fallen War” or the “Second Spencorian Conflict” was instigated by the creation of an Imperial city near the borders of Falador by Genclone, a citizen of the GsE. This event caused Falador to respond with a rapid military buildup and increased aggressive posturing against the GsE, distrustful that the Empire did not intend to use their superior position near the Faladorian capital to sweep through and take the city. 

The buildup, however, would ultimately be the undoing of the Faladorians. Faladorian civil society had grown accustomed to the idea of peace with the Empire, and many still looked to return to the city of Evanston to reclaim their lost homes. Lacking the support of his people, the call to arms was rejected by the Faladorian population. Most Faladorians thereafter left the rebellious nation and joined the Empire again, swearing oaths of allegiance to the Emperor. Almost unilaterally, this event deprived the Faladorian Republic of the necessary manpower and materials it needed to survive. 

Shortly after, the Faladorian Republic surrendered itself to the Emperor of the GsE, and Imperial forces entered the city to finally unite the Empire once again. With the threat of the Faladorians all but eliminated, the Empire and the world of Allimore returned to a state of peace. 

Ghostxtfx141 would cede control of the city to Spencier and exile himself beyond Imperial or former Faladorian borders, publically refusing to become a citizen of any nation for some time.  

The Second Exodus[edit | edit source]

About two months passed following the fall of Falador and the conclusion of the Fallen War before another major political event rocked the Imperial government. Citing their own desire for independence, the small group of Imperials (their leader being a former Faladorian) left the Empire to create the Peoples Trade Federation, beginning the period of the Second Exodus. This event, though important to the Empire, was not nearly as important as the first civil war. This was largely due to the fact that the citizens of the Second Exodus moved far beyond Imperial borders to establish their new state instead of picking apart Imperial territory for themselves.  

They took control of a formerly occupied Faladorian city, Princeton, as part of their attempts to affirm their statehood. Their situation was political favorable with the Empire paying them no mind and the Republic of Atlas on fairly neutral terms. This changed, however, as the PTF soon lost favor with Atlas and, after some opportunistic coordination with the Empire, the republican army moved in to take the city. 

The army of Atlas did not disband their government, however, and allowed the captured citizens to flee from their occupied city. Atlas returned the occupied city to the Grand Spencorian Empire as an act of good faith, and withdrew their forces as Imperial administrators moved in. 

The remaining members of the PTF moved even farther away from the Empire, hoping to escape another territorial incursion from the ever imperialistic Spencoria or the now hostile Atlas. 

In the end, this farther colony proved equally unviable and the cabal of colonists returned to stay in their homes at Princeton, rejoining the Empire. The PTF regardless remained in existence as its leadership remained beyond the borders of the Empire or Atlas, barely holding on to any semblance of influence or power they had. 

A modest expansion in members occurred and the once infant city of Secretum became the cornerstone of Imperial architecture on the server. Secretum was later titled the new capital of the Grand Spencorian Empire and left the former capital to ruin after weeks of stagnation. At one time, the Empire even hosted one of the Atlas Games (a prestigious event to test the will, strength, and intelligence of players from all over the server). 

At this time, the PTF was going through a period of disintegration and their leader was unable to control the fall. Knowing this, he left behind the PTF and gave all its power to Ghostxtfx141. At this time however, Ghost had become weary with the demands of leadership from his experience with Falador and, after mending his friendship with Spencier, secretly re-joining the Empire and acted as a spy in her name. After the power was relinquished to him, he then bequeathed his newly vested control of the PTF to the Emperor of the Grand Spencorian Empire. The Emperor graciously accepted this transition and rewarded Ghost for his efforts in the name of the Empire. 

Once again, the Empire was considered whole after consolidating its begotten fragments. 

In proper Imperial fashion, this unity would not last forever. Another, third secessionist movement took place some weeks following the integration of the PTF. Their leader, the same leader of the now dissolved PTF, took a tiny handful of loyalists and declared the creation of the Empire of Castile. Like the secession of the PTF, they chose to remove themselves from Imperial territory, fearing the same fate that befell the Faldorians and wisened from the mistakes made from the fall of the PTF. That being said, this secession attempt was even more short lived than the PTF. After just a handful of weeks, the nation died from attrition and re-integrated back into the Grand Spencorian Empire. 

Allimore 2, 3, 4, and 5[edit | edit source]

Allimore’s world reset some months later after the majority of server members voted in favor of the move. The Empire returned for the second iteration of the server and founded a new capital city named Imperium. The city itself was basic by modern standards, but started the ‘ever grander’ trend of Imperial capitals. This trend basically states that all new capitals have been subsequently more developed and more beautiful than their previous. So far, throughout all of Imperial history, this rule has been steadfast and unquestionably true. 

Not long after the Empire built up the foundation and main keep of the capital, the Emperor and his advisors declared war against the Empire of Zalfarea, another clan from the minecraft forums. 

This war was less of a conflict and more of a political stunt. The Imperial government wanted to test its military capabilities on the field of combat and, with no natural enemies on Allimore, chose to direct its aggression towards other clans on the forums. After several days, seeing the pointlessness of the pheaux conflict, the war ended with the signing of a peace settlement where it was loosely agreed upon that the Zalfareans joined the Empire. This never actually took place, and the event is largely interpreted as a wash.  

Sadly, Imperium would not last forever. Following the construction of two large cities within the Empire, Imperium and Victorium, Allimore underwent another reset.

The Gap[edit | edit source]

This period was an especially difficult time for the Empire as activity reached an all-time low. Several new capitals and attempted cities would try to bring about a more structured situation to the breaking Empire to little avail. 

Thankfully, this period soon passed with the founding of the city of Pax in the Fourth Realm of Allimore. In addition to Pax, several other settlements rose to the south and eastern region of Imperial territory in this version of the server. The city in the east, the name of which ironically has been lost to time, rose to be one of the most prestigious that had ever been created, even rivaling that of the then capital. 

The good times did not last forever, however, and soon another reset and re-colonization period came for the nations of Allimore. 

The next world, the Fifth Realm of Allimore, hosted the Grand City of Postea. Postea was a true medieval metropolis. Stores and shops of various types lined the streets as gilded banners hung from the rooftops. The road and building systems were the largest created at the time. Thankfully, many of the records held from this period in Imperial history survived the tumultuous times that followed shortly after. 

It was during this era of the Empire when Spencoria began asserting itself on the international stage. They allied themselves with the Republic of Atlas and the Helvish Confederacy, and attempted to remain neutral during periods of contention between the two powers. Alliances during this period of the Empire were largely just friendly affirmations of friendly relations between friendly nations. There were no major threats or serious needs for alliances beyond the simple agreement to assist in the off chance that there was a problem sometime down the line. 

That said, the interconnected nature of the major powers of the server would soon become the cornerstone behind the future of the server itself.

A rebellion within the Helvish Confederacy crippled the nation’s governmental and physical infrastructure and led to the creation of the Republic of Ulm. Disheveled and unstable, the Empire helped their old friend graciously, and nursed the Helvish government back to health in the supply of materials, food, and labor to help rebuild the destroyed capital.  

The Confederacy regained control of their disputed territory and rebuilt their government, but were then subject to the sway of their successor state. The Republic of Ulm had already traveled to another server known as Mirage in hopes of finding a safe haven to grow launch future campaigns to destroy what remained of the confederacy. This event triggered a snowball effect of political tension between Allimore and Mirage. With the GSE supporting the Helvish and Atlas supporting the Empire, the nations of Allimore entered into a server-wide alliance that pitted itself generally against the server of Mirage. And so, the Miragian Cold War began. 

The Allimore-Mirage Cold War[edit | edit source]

This period was met with extremely high tensions on the Allimore sides of the conflict, concerned that either end could wipe out the other in a military engagement. War could have been sparked at any moment, and the conflict weighed heavily on the minds of Allimorians and Miragians alike

War, however, was carefully averted by the Grand Spencorian Empire. Amidst the fear of conflict, the Empire decided to host a conference between the two servers with the hopes that both could come to an agreement about their relationship between one another. The Empire consumed the cost of the conference, building a conference room in the style of a late Renaissance/early industrial grand ballroom high in the mountains of Imperial territory; naming it Reichenbach after the similar location in the Swiss alps. 

This conference was hosted by the Empire and entertained delegates from both the nations of Allimore and Mirage. After three hours of debate, a peace treaty was settled between most of the powers on either side, with the sole exception of the Draconian Ascension who refused to take part in the treaty. At last, peace was seemingly restored. Propaganda and disdain against either side of the conflict remained for some time after the conflict abated, but dissipated over time. 

*Note: An important note about the Reichenbach Conference. While the conference is often referred to as the moment the GSE was “put on the map” among the minecraft forums nations as a nation of diplomacy and cunning, the radical opposite was completely possible. Unbeknownst to those attending the conference, the Empire had assembled its military in the basement of the conference with a backup plan to storm the conference table and kill its participants. The plan was concocted as a backstop in case the discussions went sour or radically against the interests of Allimore. Thankfully, the Emperor called the assault off at the 11th hour and the conference was allowed to continue in peace.*

Not much time passed after the Reichenbach conferences before the final end of Allimore came. Due to various internal struggles, the Republic of Atlas lost control of the Realm and their government fell apart completely. The president of the Republic of Atlas soon resigned, and the entire government structure of the Republic of Atlas was gutted, sending the RoA into obscurity. 

It was widely believed that this was the final death stroke of the Republic of Atlas as its membership and participation in the rest of the minecraft clans community evaporated. Several years passed before the RoA was discovered alive and well on a small, personal server owned by the former President. Until this time, Imperial history recorded the nation as entirely dead. It was later found out that the nation never died, they remained active on other games and in their discord chat. 

The Helvish entered into a period of prosperity shortly after the fall of the RoA, as did the GsE.

After hostilities between Mirage and Allimore abated and the RoA met their demise, other nations began to emerge on the server. One such nation was the Charisian Empire, a Nordic nation founded by EmeraldPeanut. After mixed success, Peanut elected to merge his nation with that of the Empire, and ceded its lands and population to the Emperor. Peanut was appointed to high office within the Empire in exchange, and serve alongside the Emperor as part of his council.  

With the loss of Atlas, however, the Allimore server began to wane and disintegrate with inactivity. After a great deal of consideration, the Empire decided to make one of the toughest choices it had ever made; to finally leave Allimore. 

Making their own server, the Empire found its new home on the server of Corville. Within the first few days, the Empire erected two cities, Neopolis and Brekkur. The former was to be the political center of the Empire and the latter its spiritual/cultural heart. The Emperor himself suffered from a rash of inactivity during this period and, failing to keep up appearances and presenting a clear vision for the Empire, delegated more power to his seconds in running the day to day; ultimately to his undoing.  

The Great Rebellion [edit | edit source]

On July 17, 2014, the council advisers to the Emperor announced their official secession from the Grand Spencorian Empire. Nationalist feelings swelled in many of the Charisians immigrants with their former leader practically taking over the GsE while the Emperor was away. 

This is the most recent and largest rebellion that has ever taken place in Spencorian history. It resulted in the complete crippling of the Imperial government, economy, and political control. The rebels entrenched themselves in the city of Brekkur, leaving Neopolis to a handful of loyal Imperials. Smelling death upon the Empire, many citizens that once flew under the banner of the GsE abandoned their home, and descend into obscurity. This conflict is called “great” due to its near success. Virtually all those once loyal to the Empire abandoned their Emperor, fleeing to the rebels or leaving entirely. The rebellion arrived at the Empire’s weakest point, nearly shattering it out of existence. 

If not for the help of the Oligarchy of Nirigore – a new ally to the Empire – and the Helvish Confederacy, the Grand Spencorian Empire would have undoubtedly perished at the hands of the lawless rebels that inhabited Corville. 

As luck had it, the Oligarchy of Nirigore was making way to making its own server known as Halentra. Here, the GsE was able to colonize a new land and depraved Corville of the activity it needed to stay alive. In Halentra, the Empire founded the City of Vivo, which became the new capital of the Empire after abandoning Neopolis. 

Lacking their own vision for the future and internal conflicts that many of rebel group encountered after forming, the rebel government soon collapsed and descended into total obscurity. While close, this event was another example of the Spencorian tradition of every rebel government created from the Empire collapsing within a matter of weeks.

*Note: It is important to highlight the extent to which the Empire had become inactive at this point in its life. Practically speaking, the Empire consisted almost entirely of the Emperor and the few members of his ruling council. This was unquestionably a low point, matched only by the start of the civil war. It is widely believed that the only reason the Empire survived at all was because the Emperor refused to relinquish power. Escaping to another server away from the rebellion also gave him the advantage of denying his enemy the ability to meet him on the field and actively contest his leadership. While remaining tucked away from further political harm may not have been the boldest of solutions, it ultimately proved to be the best as it gave the Empire time to lick its wounds, recover its manpower, and outlive the depression of activity that befell both the Empire and its rebel government.* 

Halentra 1[edit | edit source]

In the Realm of Halentra, the GsE slowly built up its power once again. The city of Vivo grew well and expanded the Empire’s architectural range; using materials and styles that went under-used in previous builds. The last and truly loyal Imperials outshined themselves with Vivo, creating one of the most articulate and expansive cities yet. It was also during this time when Lord Boreal first joined the Empire and proved to be a massive boon to the creativity of its political stability and architectural prowess. 

At around this same time, the Helvish confederacy went through a stark depression, and fall into total ruin. The rash of inactivity that spelled death for many clans of the MC forums also inevitably took this time honored friend of the Empire. Their leader however, vowed to return again and bring back the confederacy, one way or the other. 

Time passed and the Empire recovered from their massive hit while living out the calm and uneventful days within Vivo. Soon however, the Bountiful Update (1.8) presented a new tide for the Empire. Numbers increased slowly, and the Empire returned to the limelight once again. Once the update was released, a new world was established and Halentra 2 proved much more hopeful than the first. The map of the second server, though beautiful and made by a loyal Imperial, ultimately was lost due to a corrupt world file. 

The Golden Age[edit | edit source]

The next incarnation of Halentra resulted in the beginning of the GsE’s first official ‘Golden Age’ with the city of Novus Mores. This capital would become legendary in Imperial history as the first Great capital of the Empire and was the site of many national reforms that went on to fundamentally change the Empire. Some of these changes were the removal of the Race system for role play, ditching the overly complicated class system, establishing the infant version of the Senate (known as the Optimates), and officiating the Empire’s first official currency, the Imp. 

The city itself was situated on an island in the northern portion of the map and flanked by both oceans and sea. The city grew to significant size and boasted one of the Empire’s most active communities, let alone being considered one of the most beautiful urban layouts ever constructed in the Empire. It also was during this time when Ghostxtfx141, who left a second time from the Empire during the Great Rebellion, returned to the empire following the collapse of the revolutionary government. He was accepted back into Spencoria on the good graces of the emperor and as an olive branch to those Spencorians who fled during uncertain times. 

It was also during this time when the Empire grew very close to the Oligarchy of Nigiore, counting it among one of its closest allies on the server. 

Fines Halentrae and New Agion [edit | edit source]

Although these were the first real ‘glory days’ of the Empire, it would not go without some hardship. After taking advantage of their comparative inactivity, the Empire claims territories that pushed both the Holy Lithlandian Empire – a successor state to the Helvish Confederacy – and the Roman Empire to the edge of their controlled territories. While the Empire attempted to negotiate with them for land reduction and did, in fact, agree to new claims, the tensions that came during the period failed to fizzle. Diplomatic incident after incident followed suit, with the HLE closing off its borders entirely to the Empire and threatened to kill any who were seen crossing into its lands. This was only worsened once FabulousPholem (now known as WorldSculptor) was murdered in his border keep between the HLE and the GSE by HLE agents.

The Romans, Lithlandians, and the people of the United Brotherhood founded the organization of the Southern Nations, leaving the Northern Nations of the GSE and ON to band together. 

Tensions continued to flare for weeks with little sign of reprieve. Activity began to dwindle again and the future of the server was no longer clear again. Hostilities remained however, leading both Spencoria and Nirigore to engage creative solutions to their problem. In the end, the two, accompanied by another short lived nation known as Shnazoria, agreed to a rather extreme plan: leave the server in ashen ruin and settle on a new one of their own design. The nations knew that fighting would be useless with towny permissions, and simply leaving would give the other nations a sense of victory over their enemies with their captured towns and villages. Instead, the three nations agreed to bomb their own cities: destroying every major element that made their respective empire’s great so as to prevent the enemy from claiming ownership.

After detonation and escape, the time of Fines Halentrae – the End of Halentra – had come.  

New Agion[edit | edit source]

Drawing inspiration from previous servers, the Empire reignited the flame of the Agion server, its ancestral and original home. The server was founded as a safe haven for culture clans from the aggressive nations of the MC forums, and provided a space for these peoples to build, trade, and live in peace. The Oligarchy of Nirigore and Shnazoria accompanied the GSE to the new server and, after finding one of its original administrators willing to host again, all managed to rebuild their society’s one again. 

The Imperial capital on Agion was known as Origo, meaning “origin” as a reference to the server being the newest version of the first homeland of the Empire. In common Imperial custom, the time period was defined by the name of the capital, affixing the new name of this period of history as “Origian.” Under the Origian Age, Imperial architecture changed slightly to a more detailed form of the previous Moresian, sporting far more ambitious styles and grander projects in an effort to show how far the Empire had come.  

This new architectural form, also named Origian, focused greatly on detail and embodying an impressive stature as opposed to its predecessors, which only focused on grandness of scale. It is also during this age when the Empire grew its capital city to its largest extent yet with roads and structures often passing between several biomes. This server also saw the largest number of Imperial cities at the time, with Neu Hofheim (eventually seceding from the Empire since its leader became a moderator on Agion), Geldorf, and Arbiter Lager standing alongside the capital. The Origian Age also was the first in the Empire to host the introduction of a republican form of government with the election of the first Imperial Senate October 3, 2015 (1st Senators: Ghostxtfx141, Dumonious, Barchelos) as makers of law within the Empire under the Emperor’s direction. 

Planning months in advance for the establishment of the Imperial Senate, the Emperor commissioned a massive structure to house the new government body. After months of building, the Reichstag was finished by Devils_Creator and housed the Imperial Senate during this time. 

This building, modeled after the Reichstag in Berlin, was the largest single structure ever constructed in the Empire, being itself larger than the entire capital city.

The Fall[edit | edit source]

While safe and free on New Agion, not everything would work out well for the Empire in the long run. It was on this server where the Empire would experience the long and protracted period known simply as “The Fall” and involved the complete and total collapse of Imperial society and governance. 

Following the completion of the Reichstag, activity and general participation in Imperial events began to wane. The attendance of the Emperor or his ministers on the server dropped considerably and, with it, the activity of the citizens. Eventually, the empire dissipated to a small population of the emperor and his close friends. This period accompanied a general decline in the server of Agion overall, and the population of the realm decreased to only a small handful a week. It was during this period when the complete collapse of the Oligarchy of Nirigore also took place, with its population dispersing and its leader abdicating his position on the ruling council. With no other ministered interested in leading the nation, Nirigore fell into ruin and perished.  

With the leader of the oligarchy forfeiting his position and nothing to tie the remaining members together, the ON capital city and her subsequent lands fell absent of inhabitants. Seizing the opportunity, Imperial forces organized under the emperor and sailed across the short gulf to the shores of former ON territory, seizing the empty city and integrating it into Imperial patrimony. 

While exciting for a short time, the end came not long after the ascension of former ON lands into the Empire. Soon, the population dwindled to just the Emperor, Spencier, and his loyal compatriot, Ghostxtfx141. 

To add fuel to the fire, this time took place during the last months of the Emperor’s high school years. Fearing that he would be unable to devote enough time to running the Empire during college matched with a community wide-stagnation that had squelched out almost every other clan, there remained only one clear choice ahead of them. 

Once it was clear what was happening, the two made the necessary arrangements. On the far outer edges of the Empire, the pair constructed one last castle for Spencoria and hide the massive wealth the empire deep within its hidden dungeons. 

Shortly thereafter, on April 13, 2016, Emperor Spencier announced his formal resignation as emperor of the Grand Spencorian Empire. 

In his final act, he proclaimed the reformation of the GsE into the Grand Spencorian Republic, to be led by Chancellor Dumonius. 

The Grand Spencorian Empire had outlived all its allies and enemies and was the last flag standing as the MC clans community fell into obscurity. 

But, like an animal determined to survive, even the harshest form of inactivity could never really kill Spencoria.  

The Republic[edit | edit source]

Little needs to be said of this period due to its brevity. After Spencier stepped down as the leader of Spencoria, the membership upticked slightly in activity under the banner of the new republic. Dumonius, the appointed Chancellor, also succumbed to busy IRL issues and stepped down some weeks after his appointment. 

In the wake of his departure, Joshbly, either by self-appointment or faux-election, was made Chancellor. This, however, proved to be the end of the republican era of Spencoria. Activity swiftly disintegrated again following the decision to move to private, non-active servers and the republic collapsed entirely. 

Successor States[edit | edit source]

Several successor states formed in the wake of the GsE and GsR’s collapse. Some of them are well categorized, while others were not as carefully documented. 

The Empire of Nova Spencoria [edit | edit source]

This version of the empire, also founded by Ghostxtfx141 and Spencier sometime in either February or March of 2017, was the first true successor state to the original GsE. Founded on The Ancient World server, the nation assume the remains of the castle-city Ethendel in the former nation of Prussia. After the nation and the city’s inhabitants were eliminated in a war, the the empire took easy root in the now defunct location. Instead of hiding, this successor state was much more open about its former Spencorian lineage, even boasting the name ‘Spencoria’ in its title. 

This nation went on to lay claim to a variety of territories around its capital and also partook in dozens of military expeditions to claim foreign wealth, territory, and knowledge from around the server. Since it was the oldest map in all of minecraft, dozens of written books and items were scattered across its surface. Spencier (Then named K_WilhelmII) and Ghost personally launched exploration missions across the world to gather as many books and articles as they could find. They were ultimately successful in many of their missions and brought back dozens of books and relics from around the server to the capital where, underground in a secret storage area, they kept their treasures. 

To maintain the empire, the emperor employed the Vami, an old Imperial citizen from before the dissolution of the Empire and also the former leader of Prussia on the server. While the Emperor and Ghost were absent, Vami managed the affairs of the town and reconstructed the castle. Unfortunately, due to inactivity, the Empire of Nova Spencoria again succumbed to the same fate as its other successor states and dissolve after several months of operation. 

The Grand Duchy of Hugelwald[edit | edit source]

Hugelwald was founded on May 20, 2017 by Ghostxtfx141 and Spencier (since renamed to K_WilhelmII due to account issues). The duchy itself was fairly small and situated on a hence forgotten server. The Duchy never formally recognized itself as being a descendant of Spencorian lineage in an attempt to forge a new path separate of its ancestors. The group enjoyed good relations with its neighbors while only sporting one, small and underdeveloped settlement. 

The town never grew very large and the population hovered around 4 to 5 total citizens. 

This is significant, however, as it showed the first willing departure from what is believed to be the reason the empire fell in the first place: private servers. For the majority of Imperial history, Spencoria set its roots down on private, whitelisted servers as a measure of preventing significant conflict with its neighbors and develop its culture. This move, however, stifled the growth of its cities and placed significant burdens on the citizens accepted into the group. Hugelwald was an experiment outside that norm, and instead positioned itself on an up and coming server with the intent to get citizens from those traveling down river. 

During its time on the server, however, the Duchy joined a pan-national organization called the Verlan Tribes with the intent to eventually seize control of the organization and form the union into a new iteration of the Empire. Unfortunately, this plan did not work entirely as expected and, due to the same issues as before (small levels of activity and lack of commitment) the Duchy collapsed with the fall of the server some weeks later. 

The Holy Spencorian Empire[edit | edit source]

The Holy Spencorian Empire was founded in February of 2018 under much different circumstances than its previous successor states. Where the other states were purposefully attempts to regenerate the empire, the HSE was founded out of a simple desire to play minecraft once more. Spencier/K_WilhelmII started a Minecraft Realm for the first time for this iteration and, instead of playing in a world not controlled by the empire, he was in full control of the server itself. After gathering those loyal to the empire still, namely Ghost, Mini, and Joshbly, the server started up with the sole intention of having an enjoyable experience. 

It was later when things started to evolve in the city the small group established. It took on a starkly medieval theme, saw the division of certain citizens from the city and their movement to found a new settlement, and several pushes for some degree of government reform. It was in this situation, several days after the server’s start, when Spencier/K_WilhelmII officially founded the Holy Spencorian Empire, built around the rule of the Pope-Emperor and the Catholic Church. It was modeled after the Holy Roman Empire, and later incorporated several vassal states. Others outside the immediate friend group later joined the server with such well-known names like Devils_Creator and Raininswords to new people such as Yuki_the_Witch and Kineticore. 

The HSE enforced a vassalage system where new states either chose to be independent or vassals of the central kingdom, and the HSE itself was considered the sum of the main kingdom and its constituent states. At the height of the HSE itself, five separate states composed the HSE: The Kingdom of Novus Invictus (Main kingdom), the Free City of Keis, the Duchy of Urbs Templar, Scathaux, Blyskalia, and Devil’s Town. After a variety of agreements, threats, and aggressive positioning against Blyskalia, the Kingdom of Novus Invictus was able to integrate the region directly into its patrimony with its leader, Joshbly, remaining a member of the town as its mayor. 

In addition to these smaller states, one fully fledged independent nation and one semi-autonomous region existed. The other nation, known as Twin Rivers, stood beyond the edge of the HSE on the neighboring continent, and stood on a small island betwixt two river systems. The HSE joined pleasant relations with its nation despite its sometimes disapproving nature of the empire’s political and cultural focus on domination. The semi-autonomous region was Scathaux which, formally, was a part of the HSE while also retaining some degree of authority outside the realms of the pope-emperor. It was led by TheDarthDuncan and occupied the northernmost peninsula of the HSE. While secession from the Empire never formalized, it was often assumed that the region would eventually depart from the empire and form a separate independent nation. 

The server went through natural levels of attrition after the hype of the start of the server settled down and more intensive IRL work schedules took hold. While it never fully disintegrated to the same extent as before, it is reasonable to assume the government would have dissolved naturally due to its highly fractious nature and support of integrated, yet separate states within an empire. 

Post-Holy Spencorian Empire[edit | edit source]

The previous entry regarding the history of the HSE neither ends with dissolution or destruction purposefully since neither of those things occurred. Instead of falling into ruin, something else took place. 

On July 28, 2018, Spencier/K_WilhelmII decided to abandon the old HSE world in favor of a new seed following the release of Minecraft 1.13 (The Aquatic Update). It was here, with a new world and a specifically selected seed, those both loyal and familiar to the idea of Spencoria returned. At first, the intention was similar to when the HSE was founded, simply as a place for building in a small community. The first settlement to develop on this new world was the town of Fladsten, the capital city for what eventually became the new center of trade, culture, and government in the new world. 

On July 30, 2018, K_WilhelmII, alongside Ghostxtfx141, officially announced the reformation of the Grand Spencorian Empire and installed himself as its Emperor, taking the flag of the Empire of Nova Spencoria as the new national banner to represent the old order. 

Despite these changes, however, Spencoria remained an incredibly small settlement on an all too isolated world. As work began to take center stage and the real world took over, those previously devoted to the idea of the Empire gravitated away from Spencoria. It would be another two months before another attempt was made to actionably restore the Empire. 

New Allimore[edit | edit source]

Upon learning of the resurrection of the Allimore server from Redrabbit, the still reigning (though largely inactive) Emperor Spencier/K_WilhelmII visited his old friend’s server. It was stylized in the olden ways of clanning from the heyday of the Empire. While the server was naturally different, updated to a new version and fresh with re-worked but still classic towny plugins, it reminded the emperor greatly of the old days and the exceptionally good times he once enjoyed. 

Intrigued and with rekindled interest, the Emperor scouted out from spawn and built a small fortification in the northeast portion of the map on October 17, 2018. 

At first, this new settlement was not intended to be the new birthplace of the Empire, but rather the musings of a former leader who still considered himself in a self-imposed exile. Despite these pressures however, the Emperor could not help but feel excited again on the server and played on. 

This small foundation went on to serve as the first fresh beginnings for the Grand Spencorian Empire on a public server since the time of their dissolution in 2016. The town would, in proper Spencorian fashion, be named Praesidium (latin for protection/garrison) in recognition of it as the new stronghold of the once powerful Spencorian society. 

Using contacts from other servers like Civclassics, Agion, and the previous realms server, Spencier/K_WilhelmII recruited, on October 27, 2018, more membership for the small island-based state, hoping to grow its population and expand its influence within the communities of Allimore once again. 

Soon Praesidium hosted a central castle, farms, and homes to accommodate its citizens. The Emperor even awarded the rank of Knight of the Empire to two Atlasians, Jestroyer and Simply Dan, from the now restored Republic of Atlas for their assistance in getting the materials necessary for making a new Towny for the capital. 

The Grand Spencorian Empire, after its multi-year hiatus, was finally restored. 

After learning of the Empire’s resurrection, former Imperial, Nirian, Lithlandian, Helvish, and even Atlasian citizens came to Spencoria seeking citizenship. The Empire, in many ways, was seen as the bastion of the old world; of a time where many today look back fondly with nostalgia. Imperial population steadily increased and, as the Allimore server’s whitelist was dropped, even more new friends joined her ranks. Atlas would ultimately have more numbers than the Empire, but for a considerable portion of the Empire’s time on the server, Spencoria’s population was more active than any other state. 

Spencier/K_WilhelmII was promoted to channel admin of the Discord server on October 28, 2018 for his restoration of the GsE on Allimore and given a new private group to discuss Imperial affairs.   

Around late November, an old citizen of the Empire, former Imperial Architect Vami, returned to Spencorian society. After returning, he quickly embarked on a long campaign of rebuilding the Imperial capital. The highlight of his builds was the Winterschloss: the grand capital building of the Empire housing both the Imperial court and the Emperor’s throne. 

It was also around this time when a friend of the Emperor, Augustopinochet, began construction on a variety of forts and buildings for the Empire. He constructed the Reichsbank, Fort Von Bismark, a faraway winter fortification to the north, and what is now referred to as East Praesidium.   

Between December 2018 and April 2019, the Imperial capital underwent a variety of major renovations alongside the creation of new settlements north of the throne. Sanctum, built by Worldsculptor, and Kog Tharim, built by CrazyproWolf, extended Imperial reach north, affording the Empire new patrimonies from which to harvest resources and claim new lands.   

It is also during this time when Augustopinochet bequeathed his Commonwealth of Chile to the Emperor. The Emperor then prepared an extensive redesign campaign to reorganize and integrate it into the greater capital region and renamed it East Preasidium.   

It is during this time when the Emperor ordered the creation of the Great White Road. This infrastructure project was designed to both integrate the capital of the Empire with the greater road system of the world, but also to make a statement demonstrating the grandeur of the Empire’s projects. Originally designed as a five block wide road of white concrete, the road was to stretch from Praesidium to the server spawn, with adjunct roads that then laces across the rest of the Empire as well; demarcating its claims and integrating its population. After long delays in the project, the design was changed to consist of white concrete at the edges of the road, with three blocks of smoothly cut stone in the middle. Being more economical, the road could still retain its light and bright color while also capable of going farther from the capital. 

On March 28, 2019, Emperor Attoprak of the Great Eksen Empire and the Emperor of the GSE signed the Allimore Express Agreement; laying the foundation for coordinating and organizing the construction of new ice-lanes between the two powers. This marks the first time the Empire has signed a treaty with another power since before the restoration of the Empire.   

Shortly after, in early April, Worldsculptor began the construction of the ice lane, projected for completion in the months ahead.   

April marked the month where Emperor K_WilhelmII changed his IGN to "Spencier1" both in commemoration of his original title and to restore the original name of the Emperor to the Empire's ruler. 

July 4, 2019 marked one of the most significant events in Imperial history. For the first time, the Emperor published into law the first Imperial constitution named, “The Royal and Popular Charter of the Grand Spencorian Empire.” The constitution established in writing the office of Chancellor, giving the emperor and the new office various clearly defined rights regarding their responsibilities and duties in governance. For the first time officially, the Empire was a constitutional monarchy and no longer an absolutist monarchy.

Shortly after its passage – literally on the same day – Emperor Spencier1 published the first law under the new constitution naming WorldSculptor as the first Chancellor to the Empire under the constitution, which he readily accepted. 

July 2019 was one of the most important months in Imperial history. Not only was the constitution established, but a flurry of new citizens joined the Empire during this time. Shostar, Catsareneat, Carrotz, and Dymma were just a handful of the new citizens. Shostar (who joined the Empire on June 26, 2019) bringing the city of Dragon City and its territories in tow. Likewise, Catsareneat’s arrival to the Empire also saw an expansion of land with the acquisition of New Azmarin. 

Shostar was exceptionally important during this time, as he built the yet northernmost recognized colony of the Empire, solidifying the Imperial home territory in the north as part of the GSE. 

Even formerly active players returned to the stage during this time. Kineticore, after having been largely dormant since the first foundations of Praesidium were laid, returned to help build the southern Imperial hamlet of Ivardstead along the South Road. 

On July 25, 2019, the Emperor submitted for the first real piece of legislation for consideration since the issuance of the Royal and Popular Charter. Called the White Road Edict, the bill detailed the scope and extent of the Great White Road as per the plans of the Imperial government. Allowing a weeklong period of review, the bill was made law on August 1, 2019. 

This also established a precedent for new legislation to have a regular 1-week waiting period before it becomes law.  

By the end of July, the Empire had acquired more active territory (locations that were regularly populated with active citizens) than it ever had before. Likewise, its population had grown to outpace even the Republic of Atlas, and was by far the most far reaching, wealthy, developed, and expansive power on the server.  

On August 13, 2019 the Empire constructs the first triumphal arch in its history. Named the Cor Archus (The "Heart" Arch), along the Great White Road leading into the capital city, Praesidium, the construct was meant to symbolize the sense of command and victory felt by many Imperials as the most active and involved community on the server.  

On August 14, 2019, Emperor Spencier1 was appointed by Redrabbit to be the Allimore Staff's official Public relations representative.  

The Grand Duchy of Tidus was established on August 16, 2019 when Emperor Spencier1 appointed EveryonesUncle as its leader. The first Grand Duchy in Imperial history, the northern region owes its allegiance to the Empire and her Emperor.  

On September 5, 2019, Emperor Spencier1 signed the Establishment of Terminus as a Royal Colony act that established the first official Imperial colony on the Wild Frontier version of the Allimore Server. The following months proved the most tasking for the survival of the Empire on the Wild Frontier as pillager raid after pillager raid besieged the city. After just a handful of weeks, Terminus rapidly became the most fought over cities in all of the Empire’s history. 

On September 9, 2019, the GSE and ROA signed the Spencoria-Atlas Friendship Treaty, reaffirming each others commitment towards each other and maintaining peace between one another.  On September 19, 2019, Emperor Spencier1 pushed out the Order of the Optimates Act, restoring the ancient Order of the Optimates as lords within the Empire and providing certain ranks and privileges to members of the Order. 

Allimore: Wild Frontier[edit | edit source]

On December 31, 2019, Emperor Spencier1 -- acting as the spokesman of the staff -- announced that the Server would be migrating away from Allimore Main and replacing the primary world with the Wild Frontier, making the old world available for public download. The move encountered largely positive reaction from those still active on the server, but did receive some resistance amongst those people heavily invested in the previous Allimore Main. 

Following a summit between Emperor Spencier1 of the GSE and President Redrabbit of the ROA on January 5, 2020, the two powers agreed to a general separation of territories and, for the first time, released a map depicting the hard borders of nations on the Wild Frontier server in its history. The first nation to do this was the Empire, releasing the following image as its first official claim.

On January 11, 2020, the first Chancellor of under the new constitution tendered his resignation, citing more important IRL responsibilities and disappointment with the turnover from Allimore Main to Allimore: Wild Frontier. The Emperor accepted his resignation, ending his chancellorship at roughly 6 months.

On January 31, 2020, the towny nation of Spencoria is established as the first on the Wild Frontier. This feat was only achieved when the Emperor made it known to his subjects that his personal coffers had gone entirely into building the city and little remained to found the nation itself. Rallying to his aid, the valiant Ghostxtfx141, Hacher5, and other Imperials came to their Emperor’s aid and donated the necessary diamonds. Shortly after, the empire was officially founded on Wild Frontier.

In the months following, the Wild Frontier server became increasingly less active. As the common story goes, people became complacent with the server itself and, combined with the business of the real world, the server regressed into extreme inactivity. In late March, the server staff once again regained interest in bringing life back into the server, but this time with a new mission: the creation of a unified server city, constructed by all members of every nation. 

Sun City[edit | edit source]

On April 6, 2020, Allimore Wild Frontier was reset and Sun City was founded. A spawn city composed of the other clans, Sun City grew from its small foundation along the southern coastline of a large lake. The town square was constructed by Spencorian citizen, Hiimdeath, upon order of the Emperor and inspired by the Marianplatz in Munich, Germany. The construction of the square -- and several minor complications it caused -- prompted the creation of the City Planning Committee which thereafter coordinated much of the construction that took place in the city for its major projects.  The first completed structure in the city was, in fact, the Manor of Emperor Spencier on April 9, 2020. After, many new homes and shops came to call Sun City its home as the server embraced a new frontier of cooperation.  Nevertheless, a new era means new challenges. In the final week of April, a string of bombing attacks took place against the Emperor’s residence and a Spencorian-affiliated building in the city. The attacker was ultimately discovered to be a former Imperial, Augusto_Pinochet2, and he was subsequently banned from the server for griefing.

Not long afterwards, Emperor Spencier followed up with his promise to make an Imperial settlement on the server with announcing the creation of Lunares on May 5, 2020. Founded around Castle Cagliostro on Cagliostro island, the Imperial colony rapidly developed its agricultural infrastructure with the creation of some of the largest farms on the server. Buildings soon after followed, but slowly trickled in on account of the server’s relative level of inactivity. 

Major changes came to the server on May 10, 2020 when the server staff implemented a wealth of new changes to the server’s operation following tremendous input from the server community, namely Imperial Chancellor Ghostxtfx141, on May 2, 2020. On the 10th, the staff implemented -- among others -- the Gods plugin, opening up the community to building its own lore for the server. Having long since planned to make a religion, Emperor Spencier1 took the opportunity to found one of the first religions of Allimore, known as The Pantheon. A polytheistic religion, the faith focused on worshiping the former Imperial capitals as gods, each representing some aspect of life which corresponded to the circumstances each city experienced. 

June saw tremendous development in the Imperial capital of Lunares. The Legarium, Augustiner Brauhaus, and library of Lunares were some of the new structures that came to grace the city’s growing urban center. Similarly, as part of a joint venture between Countess Kineticore and Emperor Spencier, the city of Lunares saw the first villager market open to Imperial citizens. The pair managed to advance all the villagers collected to master trade level and formally opened up shop around early to mid June.

The GSE celebrated its first full year as a constitutional monarchy on July 4, 2020.

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